The perfect car or truck seats for infants and children

Safety will be the most important after that you have to buy a new car or truck seat for baby or toddler. Nothing is more important to keep your child safe. I also think in the comfort of your child as he or she could possibly should spend a few hours in this chair. Actually, there are plenty of things to think about before buying a new car seat, and topics such as design, comfort and sturdiness are vital, and perhaps also the cost. But security is on everyone, so ensure that you select the meets all safety standards. Here may be a list of tips that is superior to consider before getting a new car seat:

Dimension and security. Getting a motor vehicle seat that is appropriate for the child’s weight. If the baby is not going to match effectively then it can ensure security measures.

Modify the car seat as soon as the baby reaches the weight limit. Alternatively, you can invest in a particular alternating as your child grows.

Simple and lifted safely. Choose a seat that is not complicated to match the interior of the car or truck, and make sure to read the instructions carefully.

Make sure the car seat is positioned in a way that will not move or slide. Use your own personal body weight despite the installation of the seat.

Need a ride to the car seat never placed around the front of the seat in the car if the vehicle has airbags. The air bag is released often in unexpected cases that may be a danger to the safety of your child.

Choose a comfortable seat in the small can use for a lot of hours if necessary. These are the two materials, head and arm support.

Make sure it is possible to clean the cover for washing.

Make sure straps and belts are tight for that child. Tighten the seat belt as substantially as probable without pulling the child.

Think about your options and do some research before you get. You are able to read the vehicle’s safety assessments on the web and you can also ask good friends and family about their experiences.

Make sure you buy one that meets U.S. standards for safety.

If you invest in a new seat for the young it really is essential that you really do not make any commitment. Everything comes from the safety of your child so that there is no room for insecurities. After all, the risk of injury from car accidents could severely reduce the use of a protected seat that is properly installed.

Special car seats for baby

It’s not about fashion or unconcerned, but quite the opposite: It’s your child safe journey and also to comply with the law. In Spain and in most of the countries the regulations are clear and emphatic in this regard: children under three must use special seats that fasten properly to travel by car.
car seats for baby
Not just any seat: plus the convenience of choosing a make and model approved, is as or more important to make sure that the seat you choose is right for your child and your car. If so you should use the child seat in more than one car, do the relevant checks in each case.

These are my tips before purchasing:

Do not rush with the decision; preselected first through manufacturers’ catalogs or on their websites or in stores that sell child seats to evaluate possibilities.

Think about how you will use the seat. For example, if you’re going to be constantly coming and going out of the car, a lighter weight seat would be preferable. Or, if generally do a lot of long trips, a seat that reclines may be more comfortable for your child and help you sleep.

Choose a seat that is appropriate for your child’s weight and especially for its height relative to the car roof.

There are brands that serve really excellent, for example the case of the manufacturer Britax, who on their website allows you to enter data and seat of your car in your browser and will return very important data, especially about targeting recommendations the seat in your car and set the best position in each case.

Tips when buying

Find whatever you need with the seller, especially if the seat is suitable for your child and your car. Do not stay condudas, trying to find a dealer that allows you or better yet help you test the car seat before buying yu.

Avoid making this home shopping, mail or catalog. The stakes are high, do not risk it.

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Do not let the baby sleep in the car seat

The baby car seats are becoming more comfortable and safe, and many parents rely on them to transport their babies in car.

However, you should not let your baby fall asleep in his chair, so says a new study from the medical journal Pediatrics.

The reason for this warning is that baby car seats, and car beds for babies, pressed the baby’s chest wall, which reduces the size of the airways, which causes less oxygen reaches your blood .

Therefore, the highchair that serves only to carry the baby in the car, but let it become the mobile cradle your baby.

There are instances when parents let the child fall asleep in the seat to make the child sleep faster, or use it as a portable crib, or forget to put it in his crib after a drive. For these customs should advise researchers removed.

Have you ever left your baby asleep in his car seat?

Importance of infant car seat

The safety of your child is the most important, and when traveling in a car, infant car seat help increase safety and reduce the consequences of an accident.

All children under one year of age or under must travel nine kilos or yes in a chair, placed in the back seat looking back, never in the front seat.

By the time your baby is the year or weighing more than nine kilos can place your chair forward. Although it is best to change the position when it reaches the weight limit.

What if I put double seat belt? Nothing, chair and point. A baby or child can not sit still, so make sure you can be in one place with comfort and security needed in the car.

When you reach the weight limit you put a booster seat that elevates the child for putting on the seat belt around the waist and shoulders are well placed, and stomach, spine and head are well protected.

Maxi-Cosi Isofix, Chair Safe for baby

When you’re pregnant, or even after giving birth, one of the things you might worry, as any mother or father, is the safety of your little one, as it is a “little something” extremely fragile so you think you are can break just by looking.

Perhaps what is baby crib use more but there is another very important accessory is the chair, an element that has to have a lot of security because it is what I will take your baby for a walk, in the car, etc..

If we focus on car seats, you should know that a chair very safe is very important to prevent damage if an accident occurs. These chairs have to be very sure it will be a time when you can not stand next to the child and, therefore, their safety premium.

There are many brands on the market that give you security but perhaps one that incorporates more in their designs is Maxi-Cosi for including in each car seat which makes an extra security, the Isofix.

The Isofix is a system that secures the chair in several different ways and it offers certainty than other chairs can not.

Everything for the baby’s life.

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The ultimate in baby strollers

Formerly, when you were a baby, you had to buy the pram but it was worth when the child grew a bit but had to buy another one to take, especially when leaving the hood. They could not join so you had to buy two if you wanted to get served.

Now things have changed, a cart can be even chair (approved) for the car, so that previous spending double or even triple when buying furniture for the baby, has declined.

There is variety of prams for children today. They come in three wheels, double, triple, quadruple and even higher. The designs have changed and not have to be only one color and that may have various shades.

It is difficult to decide on one or the other buggy because the designs are becoming more beautiful and the prices, compared to a few years ago, are somewhat smaller which encourages competition between companies and indecision on the part of parents, who I might like several models.

Toys and children

Many people tend to buy the kids a lot of toys to keep them entertained and can play whatever they want with them. Sometimes even buy them toys only to be left alone.

However it is recommended that children have too many toys, so many that do not know with what to play, what happens is that the toys attract attention at first, but then put aside and not remember them.

Sometimes parents, when we go with the kids to buy, usually buy the toy for the child has been “infatuated” perhaps not the toy hear you ask, or hear not mourn.

Other times they buy it because they feel guilty about being at work all day and not have time for them so that is somewhat similar to the “buy their love”.

That way the kids buying compulsively, not the most suitable to develop the child or the child and consents to it too and if not then it gives (a toy, a mobile phone, let go for a walk, etc. .) make parents feel guilty.

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Shopping for walking and putting toys

A good toy for the baby is not only the one who amuses and stimulates, but also one that will make life easier for parents. Sure!

A good example of functional toy is the Schorsch Walking Aid, pushing a cart made of birch plywood with rubber wheels to make no noise, so your cocky (a) can walk outside and inside the house without bothering anyone.

But in addition to the first steps of your baby more fun, this cart also helps and taught to put their toys and accessories in order thanks to the attached drawer on top, and comes with an easy open lid.

You see, in this way you can put into the cart the things you want, so your baby no longer drag-and loses his things in its path, and you’re no longer collecting them and looking them behind like crazy (a).

The only objection that could put this toy is its high price, nothing more and nothing less than 279 USD or 181 Euros … for a wooden cart.

High chair: what to do when the baby rejects?

Naturally, children of any age are reluctant to stand still in one place for long. In another situation or place you can let them be, but inside the car NO. It is mandatory to be in a car seat.

But how do you do to put an unbearable when I put it on your chair?

Here there is no negotiation, you father will have to be imposed, but to do it as smoothly as possible and less authoritarian follow these tips:

Explain the reason: If your child is old enough to understand you can explain that the chair and belt help him in the car and all stay safe and not get hurt.

Give him comfort: you can earn enough making sure that the straps do not pinch, the buckles are not too hot or too cold, etc..

Do not tell him up front that you’ll put in the chair: tell him to go for a fun ride in a car, they will see their friends or grandparents to get faster and have to drive, have a favorite toy to the hand, in short, let it encourage into the car.

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All you need to know about buying baby car seats

The safety of your child is always first and when you have a baby have to look for the best quality car seat that can be obtained. Infant safety seats and infant car seats are different and when the baby is still young to evaluate a greater number of opinions baby car seat to find the most appropriate. At this age, the seats must be looking back, that it is safer for small baby, but as you get older your child, he or she will be placed in a 5-point harness facing forward. Most child safety seats will last until the child is about 4 years old and then you can invest in a car seat of some kind.

There are many things to keep in mind when going out to look for a child safety seat. The first and most important thing to remember is that if your child is under a certain age, he or she must be in a car seat, is the law, and was found a terrible if you miss it and are stuck. The next thing to consider is that if your child is older, but is in a certain height he or she will have to sit in a car seat or a fund of some sort, which is also the law and you could be fined if you fail to comply with it. The height has to do with the seat belt sits in the neck of the child, and if an accident will happen the belt could decapitate passengers, so it is necessary that the child is greater than the belt. Now you’re going to get a car seat need to remember a few thing, the famous brand does not necessarily mean quality, just that they are better known than others, you should remember that car seats may be new to this company, but I could only experience in other baby accessories. So you have to make a pair of testicles, you want to compare the strengths and weaknesses of each famous brand baby car seat.

Testing a baby car seat before buying is essential, you need to be sure to save your babyandrsquo; s life, you have to make sure you are going to keep the baby safe, and it will not break in thousand and one pieces. So read baby car seat reviews, and do not go for the cheap seats baby car unless it is a baby car seat off, but always remember that safety comes first, no matter what the price, because you can not put a price on your childs life. Before buying, make sure to shop around, read reviews, check what you put the car seat through try it, make sure you are happy with it, and then, once you have found one that you think will work, buy it, and install it, and if you do not know how to install it, get someone to install it for you because you want to make sure it is done correctly. Now, if you want your baby car seat look good to be reminded that you can get the baby car seat covers, these come in all prints and you should know that one size fits all, so your baby happy and keep your baby happy, back seat of the car with your favorite Disney character on it, because S did not even want to mourn while driving right?

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Regulations Car child seats

Besides the choice of the chair, parents also need to know the rules of child car seats that are part of Child Restraint Systems established by the General Directorate of Traffic. It is important to know the rules mainly for two reasons: first, the policy is intended to make to fulfill our child to enjoy the highest possible security that can be given two, to avoid penalties for parents or guardians of the child or car drivers .

The rules vary by age on the child. That does not mean that the rules should be more or less strict depending on age. What it means is that each of these rules is adapted to the needs of each stage of a child’s life. What it is true, is that parents have a lot more careful in the first months of baby’s life, when your body is more fragile than when it reaches 2-3 years.

The car child seats are classified into groups, based on these, it established a set of standards appropriate to the weight, height and age of each group of chairs. Many of the rules are shared between groups that are correlated, but still there are differences, however small, hence differ as a group.
Regulations Car child seats by group

For Group 0, which includes babies up to 10 kg, child seats must be placed opposite to the brand, preferably in the back seat. It is not forbidden for now (although they are proposed by the DGT) the chair of this group will placed in the front seat (many parents do this if they are alone in the car with the baby to not have to turn while driving and to keep an eye on the child all the time), but it is recommended that the chair is installed in the back seat. With regard to the baskets for the baby, they must be in the back seat, horizontal and transverse to the motion.

Group 0 + does not differ much from its predecessor. In this case, the child seat must also be installed in the opposite direction to the march and in the back seat. Both in the case of group 0 and group 0 +, children should be secured in the chair using a 5-point harness, so that will be fully subject to the chair.

Group 1 makes a change in its regulations with respect to the previous group is that in this case the chair of the child shall be placed in the sense of the place, ie forward. Similarly, the child shall be secured by 5-point harness. In addition, the chair will be subject to their own child car seat using the seat belt.

Groups 2 and 3 you correspond with seats and booster seats. The function of the elements of this group is to give the child greater height so you can fasten your seat belt properly, and that at this stage, children are too large to be seated in a chair too small to properly use the belt Safety.

The restraint systems put an end to the lives of children when they can start using the seat belt in the same way that an adult does turn 12 once or have reached the 135 cm tall.

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The rear center seat, the safest place for children

When a journey by car, considering that these days many families go on vacation, it should be noted that the rear middle seat is the safest car for transporting small children and babies, according data and advice given by the Professional Association of Physiotherapists in the Community of Madrid.

This institution emphasizes the importance of installing a restraint system for the child specific, tailored to your weight and age, and reminded that children under four should travel in rear-facing direction.

Seat is more protected in case of side impact as an impending collision, the driver usually instinctively swerve to the left. It is for this reason also that children under four years must be seated in the opposite direction to the march, to avoid sudden movements of the neck and chest in frontal crashes.

For older children, it is suggested to use a pillow to raise its height in the three-point belt, placing the lower band on the upper bones of the pelvis, and not on soft areas of the abdomen, to avoid serious trauma in their organs.

In case the driver trip alone with the child and decide to take in the passenger seat, it is important to turn off the ‘airbag’ front to avoid the risk of choking the child in the event that it activates. In this situation, it is also important to “remove holgaduras” on the harness and the seat so that the child does not hit her in a possible impact.

And even if it is short distances, stresses the danger posed to take the child in her arms, and that an impact at 30 miles per hour is equivalent to a fall from the first floor.

It is for these reasons that in view of the number of families that will be on vacation this month, will try to stay safe everyone, paying particular attention to children and travel chairs, which should have all the proper safety measures, and that could eventually save lives.

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Safety seats for infants and children

The use of a child safety seat is the best protection you can give your child when when traveling by car. In the United States there are restrictions, according to each state, to carry a child in the car and with good reason – unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death in children and most of these injuries are accidents automobile.

Car seats can substantially reduce the risk of potentially fatal injury, especially for infants and in children. Many car seats are used incorrectly, that is why to choose any car seat, we should follow some general guidelines that will help to ensure the safety of the child. The best car seat is not always the most expensive – is the one that best suits your child’s weight, size and age, as well as your vehicle.

Once you select a seat, be sure to try it, bearing in mind that what you see in storefronts and illustrations may not show correct use.

Guidelines for choosing car seats, here are some points you should consider:

  •     Note that the seat has the label that indicates compliance with the lieamientos of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213 and remove to know the make and model data.
  •     Record the date that you started it to use.
  •     Never use a seat for children over 6 years old.
  •     Do not use seats that have already been in an accident (even if it looks good, could be structurally defective).
  •     Avoid seats that are missing parts, that do not have label manufacturing date and model number or do not come with an instruction manual.
  •     Take a seat used with caution.
  •     If you have any questions about the history of a seat, if you have signs of being cracked or shows wear, DO NOT USE IT.
  •     If you accept a seat used and do not know how long you have to use, you can contact the manufacturer for recommendations on how long you can safely use the seat and if you have made significant changes to that model.


Note that there will have to buy another seat as your baby grows, baby seats are only designed to protect babies from birth until they reach up to 35 pounds (16 kilos), depending on model.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that infants and toddlers ride in a rear-facing seat until they are 2 years old or until they reach the maximum weight and height recommended by the manufacturer, in this way is protects the baby’s head, neck and torso.

Many parents change the position of the seat to the front when the child reaches a weight of 20 pounds (9 kilograms) or 12 months old. However, recent studies show that a child under 2 years is 75% less likely to die or incur a serious injury when in a rear-facing seat. That is because at this age, a child’s neck usually is not strong enough to support the weight of the head in case of an accident.

So it is essential to follow the guidelines of height and weight in the child safety seat and keep your child in a car seat facing the rear as long as possible, and the seat still has.

For infants is recommended to use safety seats that are designed to function as carriers, rocking chairs or when not in use in the car. Many models emerge from the base, allowing you to leave the base installed in the car.

Try to limit the amount of time that the baby in the car seat while you’re at home or while the baby is in the nursery. Too much time in a car seat may limit movement and opportunities for baby stimulation, which are important for the development of sensory and motor skills.

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Are you worried about the weight of your baby at birth?

If you have just given birth , one of the first concrete data you’ll have your baby , is your weight and height. The weight of your baby is an important indicator of your health. On average, a baby born between 37 and 41 weeks gestation weighs about 7 pounds or 3.2 kilograms. However, for genetic reasons or depending on the experience of pregnancy and at delivery ( if before 37 weeks or after 40 ) , some babies may be born little and others weighing more than is considered normal.

Many moms I know have told me that when giving birth , beyond calls receive flowers and cards, there is something that overwhelms : the question of how much your baby weighed . This is because the weight of the newborn talks about his overall health. For example , babies born weighing little more likely to have health problems . This is because babies lose about 10 percent of their birth weight during the first week of life. This means that a baby of average weight of 7 pounds or 3.2 kilograms can lose as much as 10 ounces in the early days .

Babies with low birth weight are more likely to get infections and sick during their first days of life . Others may have problems in motor development ( movement ) or learning difficulties in the long term.

Usually, if a baby is born with very low weight means that it is premature , that his mother had complications during pregnancy that some substances abused ( often illegal ), which had problems with the placenta , or may simply be a genetic factor .

But what happens if a baby is born weighing more than normal ? This may be because their parents are large or the mom went much weight during pregnancy and / or had gestational diabetes . Heavy babies have a higher risk of injury at birth and having problems with the level of blood sugar .

Just born , doctors or midwives carefully examine the baby and weighed. If the pregnancy was normal and the weight is too low or too high, analyze what may be the reason . But whether born prematurely or if he was in the womb after 40 weeks of pregnancy , the following factors may influence the weight of your baby at birth. Take note:

Baby Health : If you have a problem as a congenital defect or an infection that may have affected his growth in the uterus .
The size of the parents .
The weight of the mother before pregnancy . If weighed less than normal, it is more likely to give birth to a low birth weight baby . If, however , I was overweight , your baby may be born heavier. It is considered normal for a woman to raise a minimum of 10 kilos or 22 pounds during pregnancy .
Gender: Girls tend to be less heavy than children at birth.
Multiple Pregnancy : If you have twins, twins or triplets can expect your babies weigh less than normal as share space in the womb. It is also common for the delivery of a multiple pregnancy is present earlier than expected , so there are likely to be born premature .
The power of the mother during pregnancy : a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables is essential for optimal growth of your baby. It is also recommended to take prenatal vitamins and any other supplements that your doctor tells you .
The order of the babies at birth is often the first child to be lighter than their brothers .
The age of the mother : women under 20 or over 45 are more likely to give birth to an underweight baby .
Mom ‘s health in general: a pregnant woman should not be exposed to snuff or the secondhand smoke and do not drink alcohol or use drugs. In addition , care must be taken when using medications and you should always consult with your doctor if you are taking a prescription medication . This also applies to herbs and supplements. It is important to always consult your doctor first.

Now you have a better idea of the factors that influence the baby’s weight at birth , whether born with a low weight or born with excessive weight . The doctor can answer any other questions or questions you have and guide you in your meal plan to help him in his development and be healthy in the future.

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Why language development is slower in boys than girls?

Most people know that girls start talking earlier than boys . The reason for males is slower in language development could be due to the amount of testosterone to which they are exposed in utero . Of course, the environment to which they are exposed will help later in their speaking skills and vocabulary as they develop.

Diana has a two years old daughter who will not stop talking . I say all the words that ask you to repeat , knows the numbers , colors and recently formed his first sentence of 6 words . However, his best friend, who is the same age , yet ” has released both the language ” . A male Mom , this is a concern . But everyone says that girls always start talking earlier than boys and that soon Javier (her son ) will start and will not stop .

Apparently , this fact has been of interest to scientists who have endeavored to ascertain the cause Why is it that language development is slower in boys than in girls ? The explanation appears to have originated in the levels of the hormone testosterone to babies who are exposed before birth.

Scientists at the Research Centre for Child Health , University of Western Australia collected blood samples from the umbilical cord of about 900 newborn at birth to identify how much testosterone was present in their blood. They found that men were exposed to 10 times more testosterone before birth compared to female babies . This fact is important because it is known that sex hormones play a role in how the brain develops .

This seems to be the answer to the mystery which for years has revealed to specialists. According to data released by the Australian university 12% of children , mostly boys , suffer from language delays .

The researchers found in this study that 3 boys who had had a high concentration of testosterone in the blood test cord were twice as likely to have a language delay compared to babies with low levels of testosterone in the blood.

But there was something odd during the investigation, as it was found the opposite in the case of girls. That is, the higher was the testosterone in umbilical cord blood in them , the risk for language delays was lower.

This finding has caused a stir among scholars who fail to understand why testosterone has opposite effects in babies of both sexes. To resolve this conundrum , no doubt , will require more detailed studies . Meanwhile, have concluded that elevated testosterone in umbilical cord blood of male newborns may be associated with delays in speech , but not the principal cause.

Language delays are detected usually between 18 months and 3 years old , when more speech develops .

From 19 to 24 months is expected that while the children say less than 50 words , understand much of what you speak (of course mom and dad tell already ) . At that age, they also learn and repeat quickly and can form sentences of two or three words. Two years is when and phrases can take more shape and even include 4 to 6 words. It is also at this stage that children begin to sing simple songs . As is the stage in which they realize that they are independent little person , also begin to talk more about what they like and do not like , what they think and feel . For example, ” I want water ” , ” do not like ” , ” all rainbow colors ” , etc. .

From 2 to 3 years , the vocabulary of babies continues to increase and the time they are three years old , can hold conversations and understand long and complex sentences .

Do not forget that since we are in the womb and few months of life , babies are already learning the language that will then articulate . And the more you stimulate the home and more you talk , the more you learn and expand your vocabulary.

If you believe your baby, regardless of gender , have a problem with language development , or if in doubt, ask your pediatrician to recommend a specialist. The earlier the problem is detected , the better.

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