Do not let the baby sleep in the car seat

The baby car seats are becoming more comfortable and safe, and many parents rely on them to transport their babies in car.

However, you should not let your baby fall asleep in his chair, so says a new study from the medical journal Pediatrics.

The reason for this warning is that baby car seats, and car beds for babies, pressed the baby’s chest wall, which reduces the size of the airways, which causes less oxygen reaches your blood .

Therefore, the highchair that serves only to carry the baby in the car, but let it become the mobile cradle your baby.

There are instances when parents let the child fall asleep in the seat to make the child sleep faster, or use it as a portable crib, or forget to put it in his crib after a drive. For these customs should advise researchers removed.

Have you ever left your baby asleep in his car seat?

Importance of infant car seat

The safety of your child is the most important, and when traveling in a car, infant car seat help increase safety and reduce the consequences of an accident.

All children under one year of age or under must travel nine kilos or yes in a chair, placed in the back seat looking back, never in the front seat.

By the time your baby is the year or weighing more than nine kilos can place your chair forward. Although it is best to change the position when it reaches the weight limit.

What if I put double seat belt? Nothing, chair and point. A baby or child can not sit still, so make sure you can be in one place with comfort and security needed in the car.

When you reach the weight limit you put a booster seat that elevates the child for putting on the seat belt around the waist and shoulders are well placed, and stomach, spine and head are well protected.

Maxi-Cosi Isofix, Chair Safe for baby

When you’re pregnant, or even after giving birth, one of the things you might worry, as any mother or father, is the safety of your little one, as it is a “little something” extremely fragile so you think you are can break just by looking.

Perhaps what is baby crib use more but there is another very important accessory is the chair, an element that has to have a lot of security because it is what I will take your baby for a walk, in the car, etc..

If we focus on car seats, you should know that a chair very safe is very important to prevent damage if an accident occurs. These chairs have to be very sure it will be a time when you can not stand next to the child and, therefore, their safety premium.

There are many brands on the market that give you security but perhaps one that incorporates more in their designs is Maxi-Cosi for including in each car seat which makes an extra security, the Isofix.

The Isofix is a system that secures the chair in several different ways and it offers certainty than other chairs can not.

Everything for the baby’s life.

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