Regulations Car child seats

Besides the choice of the chair, parents also need to know the rules of child car seats that are part of Child Restraint Systems established by the General Directorate of Traffic. It is important to know the rules mainly for two reasons: first, the policy is intended to make to fulfill our child to enjoy the highest possible security that can be given two, to avoid penalties for parents or guardians of the child or car drivers .

The rules vary by age on the child. That does not mean that the rules should be more or less strict depending on age. What it means is that each of these rules is adapted to the needs of each stage of a child’s life. What it is true, is that parents have a lot more careful in the first months of baby’s life, when your body is more fragile than when it reaches 2-3 years.

The car child seats are classified into groups, based on these, it established a set of standards appropriate to the weight, height and age of each group of chairs. Many of the rules are shared between groups that are correlated, but still there are differences, however small, hence differ as a group.
Regulations Car child seats by group

For Group 0, which includes babies up to 10 kg, child seats must be placed opposite to the brand, preferably in the back seat. It is not forbidden for now (although they are proposed by the DGT) the chair of this group will placed in the front seat (many parents do this if they are alone in the car with the baby to not have to turn while driving and to keep an eye on the child all the time), but it is recommended that the chair is installed in the back seat. With regard to the baskets for the baby, they must be in the back seat, horizontal and transverse to the motion.

Group 0 + does not differ much from its predecessor. In this case, the child seat must also be installed in the opposite direction to the march and in the back seat. Both in the case of group 0 and group 0 +, children should be secured in the chair using a 5-point harness, so that will be fully subject to the chair.

Group 1 makes a change in its regulations with respect to the previous group is that in this case the chair of the child shall be placed in the sense of the place, ie forward. Similarly, the child shall be secured by 5-point harness. In addition, the chair will be subject to their own child car seat using the seat belt.

Groups 2 and 3 you correspond with seats and booster seats. The function of the elements of this group is to give the child greater height so you can fasten your seat belt properly, and that at this stage, children are too large to be seated in a chair too small to properly use the belt Safety.

The restraint systems put an end to the lives of children when they can start using the seat belt in the same way that an adult does turn 12 once or have reached the 135 cm tall.

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