Shopping for walking and putting toys

A good toy for the baby is not only the one who amuses and stimulates, but also one that will make life easier for parents. Sure!

A good example of functional toy is the Schorsch Walking Aid, pushing a cart made of birch plywood with rubber wheels to make no noise, so your cocky (a) can walk outside and inside the house without bothering anyone.

But in addition to the first steps of your baby more fun, this cart also helps and taught to put their toys and accessories in order thanks to the attached drawer on top, and comes with an easy open lid.

You see, in this way you can put into the cart the things you want, so your baby no longer drag-and loses his things in its path, and you’re no longer collecting them and looking them behind like crazy (a).

The only objection that could put this toy is its high price, nothing more and nothing less than 279 USD or 181 Euros … for a wooden cart.

High chair: what to do when the baby rejects?

Naturally, children of any age are reluctant to stand still in one place for long. In another situation or place you can let them be, but inside the car NO. It is mandatory to be in a car seat.

But how do you do to put an unbearable when I put it on your chair?

Here there is no negotiation, you father will have to be imposed, but to do it as smoothly as possible and less authoritarian follow these tips:

Explain the reason: If your child is old enough to understand you can explain that the chair and belt help him in the car and all stay safe and not get hurt.

Give him comfort: you can earn enough making sure that the straps do not pinch, the buckles are not too hot or too cold, etc..

Do not tell him up front that you’ll put in the chair: tell him to go for a fun ride in a car, they will see their friends or grandparents to get faster and have to drive, have a favorite toy to the hand, in short, let it encourage into the car.

NOTE: Checking out at 3 in 1 car seat with the homepage

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