The rear center seat, the safest place for children

When a journey by car, considering that these days many families go on vacation, it should be noted that the rear middle seat is the safest car for transporting small children and babies, according data and advice given by the Professional Association of Physiotherapists in the Community of Madrid.

This institution emphasizes the importance of installing a restraint system for the child specific, tailored to your weight and age, and reminded that children under four should travel in rear-facing direction.

Seat is more protected in case of side impact as an impending collision, the driver usually instinctively swerve to the left. It is for this reason also that children under four years must be seated in the opposite direction to the march, to avoid sudden movements of the neck and chest in frontal crashes.

For older children, it is suggested to use a pillow to raise its height in the three-point belt, placing the lower band on the upper bones of the pelvis, and not on soft areas of the abdomen, to avoid serious trauma in their organs.

In case the driver trip alone with the child and decide to take in the passenger seat, it is important to turn off the ‘airbag’ front to avoid the risk of choking the child in the event that it activates. In this situation, it is also important to “remove holgaduras” on the harness and the seat so that the child does not hit her in a possible impact.

And even if it is short distances, stresses the danger posed to take the child in her arms, and that an impact at 30 miles per hour is equivalent to a fall from the first floor.

It is for these reasons that in view of the number of families that will be on vacation this month, will try to stay safe everyone, paying particular attention to children and travel chairs, which should have all the proper safety measures, and that could eventually save lives.

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