Why language development is slower in boys than girls?

Most people know that girls start talking earlier than boys . The reason for males is slower in language development could be due to the amount of testosterone to which they are exposed in utero . Of course, the environment to which they are exposed will help later in their speaking skills and vocabulary as they develop.

Diana has a two years old daughter who will not stop talking . I say all the words that ask you to repeat , knows the numbers , colors and recently formed his first sentence of 6 words . However, his best friend, who is the same age , yet ” has released both the language ” . A male Mom , this is a concern . But everyone says that girls always start talking earlier than boys and that soon Javier (her son ) will start and will not stop .

Apparently , this fact has been of interest to scientists who have endeavored to ascertain the cause Why is it that language development is slower in boys than in girls ? The explanation appears to have originated in the levels of the hormone testosterone to babies who are exposed before birth.

Scientists at the Research Centre for Child Health , University of Western Australia collected blood samples from the umbilical cord of about 900 newborn at birth to identify how much testosterone was present in their blood. They found that men were exposed to 10 times more testosterone before birth compared to female babies . This fact is important because it is known that sex hormones play a role in how the brain develops .

This seems to be the answer to the mystery which for years has revealed to specialists. According to data released by the Australian university 12% of children , mostly boys , suffer from language delays .

The researchers found in this study that 3 boys who had had a high concentration of testosterone in the blood test cord were twice as likely to have a language delay compared to babies with low levels of testosterone in the blood.

But there was something odd during the investigation, as it was found the opposite in the case of girls. That is, the higher was the testosterone in umbilical cord blood in them , the risk for language delays was lower.

This finding has caused a stir among scholars who fail to understand why testosterone has opposite effects in babies of both sexes. To resolve this conundrum , no doubt , will require more detailed studies . Meanwhile, have concluded that elevated testosterone in umbilical cord blood of male newborns may be associated with delays in speech , but not the principal cause.

Language delays are detected usually between 18 months and 3 years old , when more speech develops .

From 19 to 24 months is expected that while the children say less than 50 words , understand much of what you speak (of course mom and dad tell already ) . At that age, they also learn and repeat quickly and can form sentences of two or three words. Two years is when and phrases can take more shape and even include 4 to 6 words. It is also at this stage that children begin to sing simple songs . As is the stage in which they realize that they are independent little person , also begin to talk more about what they like and do not like , what they think and feel . For example, ” I want water ” , ” do not like ” , ” all rainbow colors ” , etc. .

From 2 to 3 years , the vocabulary of babies continues to increase and the time they are three years old , can hold conversations and understand long and complex sentences .

Do not forget that since we are in the womb and few months of life , babies are already learning the language that will then articulate . And the more you stimulate the home and more you talk , the more you learn and expand your vocabulary.

If you believe your baby, regardless of gender , have a problem with language development , or if in doubt, ask your pediatrician to recommend a specialist. The earlier the problem is detected , the better.

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